Look Up.

While searching for the light in the darkness of this world, just look up to the stars, call out to the one true living God, and He’ll be your father, making you His beloved son. He’ll be your saviour King, making you His faithful servant. The joy will fill your heart like never before.


Is it socially flammable?


Intoxicatingly claimable?

Edifyingly upload-able?

Filtered and changeable?

Is the monument clickable?

The sky saturated and the clouds textured 

Rated 8 out of 10 

Calculating followers 

and following to pretend

Stand alone and get sacked

Fake a smile and at least get tagged

Snaps, food, selfies and brands

Taps, scrolls and a screen on laps

Slaps don’t hurt as bad as

Seen yet not replied nags

Little hits of dopamine 

Makes a 12 year old mean

At 16, girls wanna turn 19

Guys uploading how they’re fighting

Depression, addictions and anxieties

Sightings of a new planet starts in a story

Opinions are written down in posts

and nothing goes down in history

Deleting it wont be fixing it

Cause the game of liking it, keeps weaving the whole mystery

by Ben Parmar


fall of false flatteries. 

fall of feasible feigning. 

fall of fatal flaws. 

fall of unfitting fairness. 

fall of unfinished favours. 

fall of forfeiting friends. 

fall of infinite foes. 

fall of a favourite feast. 

fall of a fictitious fay. 

fall of fenceless fears. 

fall of feckless feedbacks. 

fall of fathomless festivities. 

fall of frustrating feuds. 

fall of a fibbing fettle. 

fall of fiddling fidelity. 

fall of filliping flirtation. 

fall of fake filters. 

fall of fireless flaunts. 

fall of faceless forms. 

fall of a fallacious faith. 

fall of a fickle fact. 

fall of feeble fun. 

fall of a frantic fixation. 

fall of a fraught fiasco.

fall of a fabricated flamboyance.

fall of fragile feelings and fall of a final farewell.

Ben Parmar